Sector One.

Free XTensions for QuarkXPress 4 & 5 (Macintosh)

QX Drag & Drop 1.01
QX-Shadow 3.02

2 Extensis Freewares: the first allow to drag & drop image or text file on a page from the finder (indispensable!) and the other create drop shadows!

Bleed Guides

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Make the name of the colors in spot mode to appears in bold in the color palette: very usefull!

Gray Pict

Greek the picture you want in order to accelerate the display.


Create or erase automaticly a box around the selected page or all the pages of a document.

PasteBoard 1.52
Pasteboard Xterminator 1.7

Expand the pastboard. The documents can now be read without the extention. The "exterminator" allow to erase the "pastboard" code in every document on your hard disc.


A little palette that allow to change the nudge value (how much the selected object will be move when pressing the arrow key).

Picture Tools 1.1

Allow to greek a single image, fit picture to bloc or bloc to picture with user definable shortkey.

Traits De Coupe

French extention (it means “Crop Marks”) that allow to change the length of the crops marks of a document.

PDF Filter 1.6

This one works very fine!

Guide Manager
Jabberwocky ß
Quark HTML Text Import
Shape of Things 1.0
Super Step and Repeat 1.2
Type Tricks
XPress Tags Filter

Quark Partnership XTs (XP4.1x)

These X-Tensions were on the CD, but have to be manually installed...? As a result, only a few people used them although some are really essentials... So essential that they now have been incorporated to the standart install of Quark Xpress 6 and higher!

Guide Manager 1.4
Jabberwocky 1.1
Super Step and Repeat 1.3
Type Tricks 1.5

Quark Partnership XTs
(only for XPress 5.x)

Text Tools

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