Sector One.

Some tools that were used with SETI@home v2.xx

Chronocalculator 1.0
Chronocalculator is an ingenious calculator written by George Parashis that let you add or substract time values (hour/min/sec) without boring conversion in decimal.Homepage ]

Ram Disks
To accelerate the SETI process, you will create a RamDisk and copy in it the "SETI@home Data" folder that resides in your "preference" folder. Then erase the original folder and replace it by an alias of the one located on the RamDisk (command-alt-drag the icon).

RamBunctious 1.62 is the latest version of this powerfull ramdisk that allow automatic save or save at quit and a "write throught" mode. It requires a PPC processor and Mac OS 8.6 to 9.1 (prior OS or 68k Macs will need RamBunctious 1.5). HomePage | download v1.5 | download v1.6 ]

AppDisk 1.74 is an older companion that comes back with this new version now fully compatible with Mac OS 8.6. It offer the same functions that ramBunctious except "write-throught" mode and multiple Ram Discs. AppDisk's HomePage | dowload AppDisk 1.74 ]

Peek-a-Boo 1.6
GameLauncher is a little utility that let you quit the finder in the same time that opening another application (usefull for some games). Peek-a-Boo (as NoFinder ) allow you to to manage the differents process runnig on your mac and kill unusefull processes (even the finder and background process). But its originality is to show how much CPU time each process uses and its ability to adjust the CPU time requested by each process. HomePage | dowload Peek a Boo ]

LibMotoSh 1.0
The Motorola libraries, when used in conjunction with the standard libraries, offer performance improvements. But it needs to be used carefully (especially on Mac OS 7.5.5) because its request of 20k of supplemental ram for each applications may conduct some system background processes to encouter numerous errors.

Roam v1.61
Roam is a Rom Accelerator: this extension, actually in version 1.61 (october 2000) allow any NuBus or PCI-Power Macintosh made before the New World motherboard architecture* and running at least MacOS 7.5 to load the content of its Rom in Ram very early in the bootup process. As Ram is faster, it can accelerate some specific operations: data throughput to the ROM area increases by 46% in 68K code memory accesses and 49% in PowerPC native memory accesses on a G3/266. It can be very usefull on beige G3 or other PowerMacs upgraded with G3 or G4 accelerator. Read carefully the ROAM's HomePage and ROAM FAQ page (it's a tool for powerusers).
*New World architecture comes with iMac rev B and B&W G3. These machines and their successors are not concerned by Roam since the Rom now resides on the boot disk and is loaded in ram at startup.

CPU Director (ex Cache Profiler)
Those who likes to live the wild side of life should apreciate to run CPU Director, that show some tech infos as processor speed and temperature and let you change some hardware settings as the CPU/Cache ratio (or disable Speculative Access for more stability on G3 upgraded Mac that originaly shipped with older processor). Curiously, increasing the cache speed on a B&W G4-400 from 200 to 266MHz (ratio 3:2) only gives us a disapointing 1.8% acceleration and 1:1 ratio (a 400MHz cache!) freezes every Mac. Generally, the cache speed ratio change have better chances to work on a copper G3 (B&W G3 and iMac with AGP) than on Beige G3 or G4, and higher processor speed also reduces the probabilities it work (some B&W G3-450 can freeze). But whatever happens, it will not cause any damage to your Mac (just another occasion to reboot!) CPU Director's HomePage | CPU Director 1.5f2 ]

SETI logger / SETI Checker / SUM
To keep track of the WU processed by your mac and to watch the place were the data comes from, you will use SETI_logger, a litte german "SETI-WU-ware" now in version 2.01 logictools | download SETI logger ]

SETI Group addicts can also download its complement called SETI Checker that allow you to check the result of your team (and compare it to others) without using a web browser but with amazing charts: earthlingsoft | download SETI Checker ]

SETI Unit Manager (SUM) 3.32 is an AppleScript written to get the maximum out of SETI@home. It offers fully automated down-/uploads, offline crunching, RAM Disk handling and detailed statistics about your productivity. Note that it needs "AkuaSweets" addiction to work. The new 3.3 version adds MacOS 9.1 compatibility. homepage | download SUM | download AkuaSweets ]